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Manage Your Customers

MechanicNet makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers. From service reminders to customer satisfaction surveys, we can tailor a solution that meets a wide range of needs.

Since we can send all communications by postcard or email, you can communicate with your customers based on their personal preference.

Custom promotions, timely thank you messages, and more — we can help you build the marketing plan your business deserves. Click here to view samples.

We provide you with a suite of reporting tools to tell you just how well CRS is working for you. Plus our reports will help you identify new business opportunities.

MechanicNet puts the power and information in your hands. Each month, we will tell you exactly how many postcards and emails were sent, how much you spent, and who came in for service.

We will also provide you with an audit trail so you know exactly where the numbers came from.

The bottom line is that our customers see an increase in customer visits and maintenance services.